Monday, December 11, 2017

August I

We went to the Children's Discovery Museum with Karen, Marva, Katie and her kids. Lucas didn't love the Thomas exhibit, but the rest of the kids would have probably stayed forever.
And, of course, the water.
I love when they hold hands with each other and form a long chain. Not when we're trying to walk quickly, but it's sweet.
Scott went to a Kindergarten orientation and transferred his name sticker to his pajamas.
We went down to Monterey another day with Katie.
Perry in beach heaven.
Ghriardelli sundae as per tradition.
So many small kids to keep track of in a dark aquarium. 
They love going with cousins, though.
I mostly chased Perry around while the older boys followed the other kids.
All over the place.
He was not shy in the touch pool.
Jonah likes it, too. Scott usually doesn't mind it too much.
Having a duplo day. I love when they all play together nicely.
Playing in Grandma's front yard.
Trampoline time is short lived for Perry unless he has an adult to help him.
He loves the Lightning McQueen suitcases and strolls them around the house like a best friend.
Cooking in the dirt in Melody's backyard. 
Feeding all the kids at the playdate.
Perry chowed down in Nora's seat.
Jonah took a nap and we had to wake him up before we ruined his bedtime. Perry was happy to oblige.
Who doesn't want to wake up to Perry snuggles?
And a minute later he's painting the bathroom floor with toilet water. It's not all sunshine and rainbows.
But they do love each other.
We met Becky and her kids at Vasona park. I was on baby duty while she took the other four on the carousel. 
We rode the train, then played on the playground until lunch time.
They have a cool plane kids can climb on.

Waiting in line at Ikea for a return. Their customer service lines are ridiculous. It's convinced me it's not worth taking anything back. The traffic driving there and back doesn't help, nor the fact that 3 out of the 4 times we've gone the childcare has been closed for the day with no other explanation.
Scott wanted me to show him his green-looking blue eyes. 
We sat in the quiet room at church while John gave his talk.
Perry looks like a grown-up.
He's still our baby and we still squeeze his cheeks and kiss him every chance we get.
Entertaining himself during Relief Society with the binder.
Helping himself to a show.
Scott drew a ctr ring in chalk and wanted me to take a picture to show Daddy.
Happy morning baby.
We really soaked up some fun these last weeks of school-free summer.

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