Friday, July 28, 2017

April II

Perry dropped his cheerios then laid down to pick them up and eat them.
Jonah and I were walking down the street to an open house and it started raining. He could not be moved along any faster until he finished eating his pear.
Scott loving his hat and bobblehead from the game. He especially loved that they were free because he's been obsessed about spending money since he learned about needing it to buy Disneyland tickets. 
Perry emptying the bucket of Easter eggs as I cleaned them up.
Little cutie stinker. He's not great at the slide yet, but he loves climbing up and scaring me.
Sad face. Everything he does is cute to us. Even tantrums make us laugh. He's so emotive for such a little person.
Scott is into spelling. We didn't have enough magnets for all the things he wanted to write, but this one was about the Giants.
Strawberries have a contender for the position as Perry's favorite food: corn on the cob.
No kernel left behind.
Perry borrowed Nora's push car and took it for a walk across the park.
My mom took the big boys to a movie and Perry checked out the arcade games while we waited for them to get out.
Staying up late to play games with us until he steals John's chair. Then off to bed with him.
Neighborhood clean-up day. We picked up trash at the park by our house. It was nice having a family-friendly service project. Everything I've found excludes small children and we want them to have opportunities to do things for others.
We came home and Perry napped, John took the big boys to the store, and I made pasta. A little Simon and Garfunkel on Alexa and it was a delightful, peaceful afternoon.
Then we all went to the volunteer lunch at the pizza parlor down the street.
Perry was a bit of a free loader.
Our smiley Jonah
I put the base back in the cozy coupe so Perry can ride around without falling out the bottom. Jonah likes pushing him, but isn't a cautious driver.
Our neighbors gave us their extra bush trimmer and John tackled the front yard.
Then we had his amazing ragu with some fresh pasta. It was a busy, good day.
Britta and I went to see Karyn in her show, The Drowsy Chaperone. It was hilarious.
Perry having a bottle in Relief Society during his nap time.
He's usually the only baby/toddler in there, so he has free roam of the place and gets a lot of attention.
John after church. He gets up and out the door by 630 six days a week, so we take advantage of Sunday naps every chance we get.
Perry's new Mickey car, also from a neighbor. He likes pushing it and making it go.
Found a starfish just his size at the mall play place.
Stuck in the kitchen.
Baby bunny ears. He loves putting them on, taking them off, laughing,
and putting them on again.
Trader Joe's croissants from my birthday. The most delicious croissants on the planet. We tried chocolate and almond to compare, but couldn't choose a favorite. 
I wouldn't carry Jonah's "packpack" for him, so he asked Perry to do it. 
At cookie day some of our friends were loving on Perry. They are the sweetest girls.
Perry's favorite toy--the duster that our boys call the "foppy" for some reason. 
"Big Jack" gave us another bag of hand-me-downs and Jonah was excited to find this swim suit combo in his size.
Jonah made his lunch. 
Perry scavenges after every meal.
Playing at the park. 
We went to the free drive-in night to see Moana again.
The jump house was a big hit. The big boys played while I got dollar nachos. 
Then we enjoyed the live band.
Which encouraged this gem:
Scott drew this really creepy picture, then taped it over our bed so Jesus could watch us while we sleep.
Perry chewed the laptop cord and fried the computer. John got it working enough to get the hard drive recovered, but it was toast. 
Scott packed every Star Wars thing he owns for our Disneyland trip. 
We're serious about sun protection around here.
Perry playing on the trampoline at Grandma's house. He likes it when there aren't big kids knocking him down with their movements, but doesn't like to be on it alone.
His brothers are usually good about sitting on it while he plays. Sweet boys.

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