Thursday, June 29, 2017

Scott's Giants Game

Miranda won tickets to a Giants game from work and asked if we wanted to come. We got a babysitter for the two little boys and took Scott. He thought it was hilarious that he went on a date with us.
They were fantastic seats and included parking. We bought lunch there and shared a Ghirardelli sundae.
Our seats were in the shade and it was beautiful weather. We had a perfect day.
Scott liked watching the seagulls everywhere. He went on the coke slide while we waited for crowds to clear out before we left.
It was a free bobblehead day and as we left, a street vendor offered to trade. Scott swapped his for a Giants hat, so now he's ready for any future games that come his way.
Scott fell asleep on the way home, which he very rarely does. He said the baseball game made him very tired, but he still wants to go again after Jonah gets a turn.

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