Saturday, June 24, 2017

April I

We finally replaced our laptop so I have access to pictures again! Time to catch up.
Perry likes having his hair brushed. So relaxing.
Scott helped us do a puzzle during conference.
He likes changing the laundry.
He's been working hard at every odd job we could find for him to save money for a Disneyland trip.
We walked the neighbor's dog while they were on vacation and Scott loved it. He and Jonah were really great about taking care of him and it allllllmost made us want a pet for them.
Scott's drawing of President Monson for primary. We were cracking up when he finished. I love the bald head and the green tie blob. He is a terrible artist. He gets it from both parents.
Helping clean the floor. I don't pay him for chores, but he still jumps in to help most of the time.
I can tell when Jonah empties the kids dishes in the dishwasher because they're very organized. Scott is more focused on speed, Jonah likes the order.
We went to feed Ninja one night and Scott looked for him in the backyard.
Aunt Jaime commissioned a piece of art for her fridge and Scott jumped at the chance to make Disneyland money. John offered Scott one dollar for him to draw a picture that he could take to work. He said, ohh what about if I make 100 pictures? Not a bad head for business.
Perry was hanging outside his brothers' room while they were in time out.
My aunt sent Perry this dog toy and I think he was afraid of it.
He leaned back and wouldn't go near it. His brothers managed to push the buttons enough million times to use up the batteries, so he did enjoy it, just from a distance. I tried to get a video of him dancing along, but he stops to grab my phone every time.
Jonah was asking for something, agua. I didn't understand what he meant. He said his new friend at preschool says agua instead of please when he wants water.
Running errands while the boys napped. This method makes for a peaceful trip, but uses up my naptime for the day and it's usually cut shorter than if they were at home. I like to try and keep them flexible, though.
Once Jonah woke up I turned to bribery. I picked up my free birthday smoothie from Jamba Juice and the lady offered to split it for them.
Sometimes on walks Perry keeps his foot up in the air. I wish I knew what he was thinking.
Jonah with strawberries, the first fruits of our garden this year.
Playing at the mall playground. Scott said they're going on a cruise to Iceland.
Perry's content to just walk around now. And drink water from a baby bottle.
We picked up this cushioned booster from a neighbor for Jonah. It's perfect to lift him up at the table so he doesn't sit on his legs anymore. I should've gotten one for Scott years ago.
Perry packing it away.
Walking across the room. I still can't get over how little and cute he is walking like a grown up.
We went to brunch again one Saturday morning and the kids were great again. Perry slept most of the time, but woke up to have a few bites before it was all gone.
John was trying to convince the boys to eat hummus and said it would make them run faster because it has protein. Scott took it to heart and asks if every food has protein. "After dinner, I will beat you in our race because I'm eating all this edamame and daddy said it has protein!" I think every food we want them to eat is going to be protein-rich now.
Amanda brought over a birthday cake for me.
Perry the night owl got to enjoy it with us.
They still love the body markers.
I heard Perry in my room, but couldn't see him. Then he crawled out from under the bed.
Snuggles on the swing.
Perry was putting the pillows on the floor then lying on them, pretending to sleep.
Big boy helped himself up on the couch then looked over at me, so proud of himself.
My Aunt Julie sent us Lightning McQueen suitcases, which Scott and Jonah immediately packed for Disneyland. 
We watched Sandy Wexler to see the dresses Jaime designed for the movie. Perry joined us.
He was not impressed. I think this is the first time he's crashed on the floor on his own like that.
We actually enjoyed the show and are so impressed by Jaime and all she's accomplished.


  1. More food and fun. That chocolate cake looks wonderful!!!

  2. Sorry Perry didn't like his musical dog...