Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Break

We didn't have preschool or babysitting for a week and I tried to get the boys out for some adventures.
First up was the beach with Katie.
Scott was the only one who didn't touch the water. He loved playing in the sand, though.
Jonah and Paige went in the ocean holding Karen's hands, but the tide was coming in quickly and from two sides. 
They were totally drenched.
Perry tasted the sand. He acted like he didn't like it, but his diapers for the next 2 days said otherwise.
The next morning we met at the park and Katie took some pictures of Perry while the other kids played together.
I took them back to the discovery museum. We were some of the first ones in, so they had the firetruck all to themselves for a few minutes.
The calculator was their favorite discovery this trip.
Perry decided to walk away from us toward the water and balls and went across the entire room unassisted and unprompted. 
We met friends at Happy Hollow one day, too. Perry loves riding with his brothers.
Which is good because they both want to ride with him.
Lauren watched Perry while I took the big boys on the roller coaster. I can't believe Scott is tall enough to ride on his own.
I sat with Jonah, who loves rides despite his fear of heights.
Finally, we had a preschool field trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Jonah and Scott were both terrified that the butterflies were going to land on them. It was humid in that area anyway, so I was glad to leave.
We spent a lot of time watching the shark tanks and the fish in the aquarium area.
It wasn't impressive to me after being at Monterey, but they loved it.
It was nice because it was dark, though, so I parked Perry in the corner with a bottle and he fell asleep in his stroller.
We went outside for lunch while Perry was napping and I let Jonah eat his orange. He said just one, then just two, then he eyed Scott's orange and said maybe just one more. I cut him off at two, though.
Their favorite part was definitely running around outside in the lunch area. There was a group of older kids they loved playing with. Perry napped, they played, and I had a nice break to myself.
We went to the living roof and I found a little guy staring at me.
We walked through a few more exhibits, then headed out. We stopped at John's work on the way home for chips and juice, I mean to say hi.
I love going places with the kids and the change of pace, but it is draining, especially going alone and driving a lot. I'm ready for our boring routine for a few weeks.

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