Monday, May 1, 2017

March II

On Thursdays, the preschool class cooks. Last year it was usually watching or a little assembly, but this year the teacher is ambitious. Even with the older morning class of 16 we are usually making foods from scratch every time.
Conked out. Triple jackpot.
Helping get the garden going for the summer. Perry loves being outside and is content to watch from his stroller.
Perry took turning one as a personal challenge to eat like a toddler. He can pack away a whole pancake and banana for breakfast.
He also scrounges the floor and table for his brother's leftover food. Anything within reach is fair game.
We went to play at Melody's house and Perry was loving their pushcar.
All three boys cooking in their playhouse.
Jonah was changing and crashed in his room.
He's getting much cleaner at feeding himself oatmeal.
Teeth numbers 7 and 8 came in right around his birthday. We're hoping that's what contributed to his night wakings and we can all go back to sleeping soon.
Perry can take a few steps on his own, but he practically runs while pushing his stroller.
Scott was an astronaut all day.
Scott showed me where he wrote the y for yarn. I asked how he knew what that was and he said it was on the y page. His memory is crazy sometimes.
John and I went to see Emily as the lead in Footloose at Pioneer. It was fun going back to my old high school and I ran into a classmate who was working there as well as a bunch of volunteer parents from our stake.
Sweet baby. He generally settles once we bring him in our bed. Then I have no choice but to snuggle him all morning because he'd wake up if I moved.
We tried a sleep sack to see if he was waking up from being cold. I went to check on him before going to sleep and he was so cute I took a picture.
Having a snuggle with Jonah in the morning.
Scott working diligently on his Wall-e Lego.
During Perry's nap, I helped him get the pieces for each page of instructions so we could finish before Perry walked off with any more of them. The final product is really fun and cute.
Perry wanted the car my dad gave him and climbed up a diaper box to reach it.
Our friends gave us this storage unit and while I was washing out the bins Perry played in the Perry-sized fort.
I woke up to a mobster in my room.
We were eating dinner when John worked late one night and Jonah was trying to save him some corn. Maybe just one more corn. Maybe one more. Maybe this is the last one.
Perry found himself a snack and brought it to me in the play room to open for him.
Perry trying out his birthday hat from Amanda. 
He wouldn't keep it on at the park.
He was crabby at the park, then fell asleep on the walk home. He doesn't usually sleep in his stroller, so I knew he was overly tired.
Speaking of which . . . 
I think between the Iceland time change, daylight savings, and Perry waking up at night we're all a little more tired than usual.

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