Sunday, May 29, 2016

April I

Jonah found a tiny pocket on "Jack's shirt" (his friend, Jack, has the same shirt)
 He could not have been more excited about that pocket.
 Scott sat in Jonah's chair, then asked me to take a picture of him in it.
 He thought it was hilarious.

 Little stinker.
 Scott made a tie fighter
and told me all about it in this video:
I love the way Jonah says "nuffin" for nothing.

Scott taking good care of his baby doll.
 Giving John a workout
 I'm not sure where we'll fit Perry when he gets bigger.
Karen threw a big Harry Potter party for Sadie's birthday while they were in town.
 Katie made each cousin a shirt with a tie in their house color.
 Then their wand picked them.
 A pile of presents and cousins
 My little wizards
 Jonah was not into the pinata
 It was Scott's first time with a pinata, but he caught on and loved the concept.
 Charlotte liked Grandma's phone and all the kids liked watching Charlotte play on it.
 John went back to work after 2 weeks home with us. Our neighbor gave us two dinosaur velvety coloring sheets with markers and that kept us entertained most of the morning. I made them color on a blanket. We're still protective of our one room of carpet.
 The next day, John came home early from work and said they ended the contract. So he was home all week while Neil and Ashley's family was in town.
 We hiked up to Castle Rock one day. Thankfully it was mostly a walk because I had Perry pouched and hadn't exercised in weeks.
 Another day we went to the Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo.
 Perry the perfect angel slept most of the time.
 Scott in the zoo area.

 We found some birds up in this cage.
 I sat around with Perry a lot. We were both good with that plan.
 Jonah fell asleep mid-book on the way home. They love the click clack books.
On my birthday, my friend, Stacey, took Perry and me to brunch while Amanda watched the big boys. She brought this fun cake she made for me.
 John and I went out to dinner while my mom babysat, but I was feeling awful.
When we got home, the boys had a slice of cake, helped me open presents, then we all went to bed.

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