Saturday, March 7, 2015

February II

Sometimes having friends over makes my boys play better together. Go figure.
We loved the Ergo carrier with Scott, but for second kids and/or fussy babies it's especially helpful.
I planned a surprise date for John and surprise! our babysitter fell through, so we had a fun family date instead. After being well-behaved through some not-fun-for-kids activities, we rewarded them with frozen yogurt.
Scott loves stickers.
These were from a Disney movie mailer and he specified for each movie, "were have that one, were have that one, were don't have that one? no. were don't." (He says were for we)
Knocked out. Scott's been occasionally getting up earlier with Jonah and then napping in the afternoon. He even went to sleep on his own in his room one day. He hasn't fallen asleep without a car ride in at least a year.
Kitchen helpers. I spend half my cooking time re-washing things they've licked or dropped.
I tried a new recipe for chicken pot pie and it turned out a little too well. No leftovers.
Scott approved.
Jonah on his second bowlful. 
Jonah held up two puzzle pieces and tried to put them together. He's actually really good at the puzzles with spaces alloted for each piece, but he so badly wants to do Scott's big puzzles with him. Scott is hesitant to share because Jonah occasionally chews on pieces.
Jonah loves blankets and being wrapped in blankets. I'll usually burrito him when he asks, but this day he kept wanting to get up and move around, then cried about his blanket falling off. Cue the blanket toga.
Anytime Scott goes potty now, Jonah wants a turn. He doesn't actually go, but he likes to sit there.
He's a silly boy and keeps us entertained.

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