Friday, October 25, 2013

Amanda's 22nd Birthday

We celebrated my sister's birthday while my brother and aunt were in town. John barbecued shrimp, chicken and veggies.
Rick taught Scott how to kick the ball while he picked leaves from a weed and brought them to my dad one by one.
Meanwhile Jonah slipped into a milk coma while Amanda held him.
The spread, including rice, homemade bread and the strawberry spinach salad she requested.
Opening presents. She and Russell were really excited about the popcorn kit.
Scott was excited about making the tissue paper into a ball and playing catch with his grandpa.
22 candles on a hot milk cake.
I love Scott's face as he watched Amanda blow out the candles.

Giving goodbye/goodnight kisses to everyone
Hope you had a happy birthday Manda!

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