Sunday, July 15, 2018


My friend Annie gave us this book and I put it in Jonah's Easter basket.
Not quite tall enough for the roller coaster yet.
True love. I'm terrible at painting nails, but I like having colorful toes. John said he'd practice on me.
Crashed on our walk.
Waiting in line at Macy's for 25+ minutes to pick up an online order. Never again.
Jonah entertained himself.
Then at Target Perry helped himself to a snack in the stroller while I was checking out. Jonah complained about wanting a cookie and Perry not sharing, otherwise I wouldn't have even known.
Jonah fell asleep on our bed because he wasn't settling in his, keeping his brothers awake. We went to move him to his room and found him wearing John's swimsuit.
Perry can't get enough airplane.
We got a Pretty, Pretty, Princess game from a neighbor and played it all morning.
Filled up my smoothie jars for the week so they're ready to blend in the morning.
Jonah asked me why I called it jogging when we were really running.
Miranda surprised me with Harry Potter symphony tickets for my birthday. She and Amanda picked me up and we went out for a girls night.
I picked up my free bundlet and shared with Jonah.
And I had a birthday donut and free cookie donut from the Krispy Kreme app, so we went there with Scott over spring break.
My donut came with hot chocolate, which I shared with my chocolate-loving boy.
Really he's just a loving boy all over. Perry gives hugs and kisses to everyone and everything. He thinks it's so funny.
Another birthday treat from Starbucks. One of my favorite things about my birthday is all the free food. I like to plan ahead to spread them all out before they expire.
Another Buy Nothing pickup from a neighbor--Mickey magnets.
Perry loves them.
Walking home from school.
Cookie day at Ms Bonnie's.
Jonah had his raisin bran on the go. I've learned not to fight him in the morning until he's eaten. When he slept in late, I used to try and tell him we had to drop Scott off and he could eat when we got back, but it's faster to feed him than deal with the tantrum. Hangry kid.
We went to a free forest school meet up at Rancho. They loved it and it was nice to meet other moms and be in a judgment-free zone.
I was paranoid about poison oak, though, because it was everywhere, and I don't really want to go back to that location.
We got a book holder and chair from neighbors and their bunk bed is all set up now.
Perry pushing Jonah out of his bed.
We had Miss Charlotte for the weekend and Jonah was in heaven.
We spent a lot of time at the park
and my boys tried to show her how to eat like a Crapo.
We went to neighborhood clean-up at the park
and a t-ball hitathon. Perry was mesmerized by the dunk tank. Charlotte wanted to play baseball with the boys.
While we were out and about, John was helping his parents load their moving truck. 
We joined them when we were done and I helped sell some of their things they weren't moving and weeded the garden. Perry helped by watering the grass.
After all our outdoor activities, it was time for popsicles and a tubby.
Silly mohawk hair.
Jonah sharing his sunglasses with the bush.
Perry so sweaty in bed, but still wearing long jammies.
Scott also likes to wear long pants, but pulls them up when it's hot.
Way too hot for April.
Jonah asked, "Can you put Perry in my lap? I want to take him for a ride."
Jonah trimmed down the sides of the cheese and pepperoni to match the cracker before giving it to Perry to eat.
The big boys went to the play area at Ikea. Perry was not happy about being too short, but it was pleasant shopping with only one kid.
He LOVES kid-sized bathroom appliances. 
After Ikea, we went to Pottery Barn Kids to get Jonah new sheets. Instead, we found clearanced out school gear. He picked a matching Star Wars backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle. Now he's excited for Kindergarten.
Miranda gave us Harry Potter mermaid pillows. The boys have done some creative designs with the sequins.
Sitting down to my lovely breakfast when someone spotted my bacon.
Conked out in the car
Reading after work.
Everybody wants to hold Daddy's hand.
But I'm good enough if I have a beater to offer.
Perry likes to be connected at all times.
Watching the trash truck in his underwear and hat.
We get the trash and recycling picked up separately now and they come down both sides of the street, so four chances to run outside and watch. Perry loves Wednesdays.

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