Saturday, March 25, 2017

February II

Perry's biting keeps us on our toes.
I took Karen (and Marva) to lunch to thank her for watching the boys while I volunteered at preschool. Scott wanted broccoli cheddar soup.
He thought it was hilarious that his bowl was bread and couldn't wait to tell Jonah about it.
Perry can stand unassisted, but doesn't like to move his feet forward. He just flops forward into our arms or faceplants. 
We went to brunch one morning to use a gift card from Christmas. We were the only ones there and the boys were shockingly well behaved.
Even Perry enjoyed the yummy food. 
Such a dapper boy.
Scooting along the furniture.
Pushing the stroller. It's the only way he'll walk anywhere and he loves it.
Scott coloring at church. He's very meticulous.
Scott showing Perry his N1 Starfighter Lego in action.
How reading time ends on Sunday afternoons.
Once his brothers are in bed, Perry has full command of the playroom. Just the way he likes it.
Working on his Star Wars Kindergarten workbooks. There are so many characters I don't know, so I have to look them up to figure out why the answers are what they are.
We weren't in the San Jose flooding, but our back patio did get a lot of water run off from the yard that was too hardened by drought to absorb all the rain.
Sweet little helper. He loves putting things in and out of baskets, so laundry is a great chore for him. Until he starts pulling the folded clothes out.
Still a snuggle bug. Especially when he's tired, cold, or sad.
Perry loves my shoes. He can reach John's now, but still only goes for mine. He did discover his belts, though.
Our neighbor gave us free slurpee coupons that were expiring that day. It was a really cold night, but that didn't deter our sugar lovers.
Perry got a cold and was especially fussy one day and only wanted to sleep while being held. I got my library book the day before book club, so I was reading every possible minute. Snuggling a sleeping baby and reading a good book is probably the best way to spend an afternoon.
Bending over to pick something up with his mouth like a puppy.
I let the boys do whatever they wanted that day, so it was nuts, but the important thing is I finished my book in time.

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