Saturday, March 18, 2017

February I

Our neighbor was giving away this trampoline and I thought Perry would love it when he's a little bigger. I hope it survives that long.
A train track big enough for everyone to enjoy at once.
We rescheduled my mom's birthday celebration since we had just gotten home from the hospital with Perry and she was also sick. Amanda and I took her to dinner and we went back home for homemade eclairs. Only Perry was awake and boy did he mooch.
Hummus is not as good as from scratch vanilla pudding, but he'll take what he can get.
When he feeds himself, he gets a bath. A win-win for him.
Using youtube for some rainy day play. They love head, shoulders, knees and toes and freeze dance.
Reading before bed. John goes into work before we wake up every day so he can be home for dinner and bedtime.
Scott is so sad he didn't get to play wii on "wii day," aka Monday. He didn't do his chores in time and we had errands to run. I'm trying to help him learn time management, but he and Jonah are easily distracted when they're together.
Perry found a button to press.
I went to get a coat for Iceland and Perry found a personal climbing rock.
After his croup cleared up, Perry woke up congested and I think had an unrelated cold. He was eating less and less real food and only wanted bottles, so I was glad when he felt up to eating food again. His feet kicked in excitement.
Jonah and his preschool friend had a tea party.
He also built a crocodile with magnatiles. The older class was struggling with this same design, so it made me shake my head when Jonah picked it right up. Their brains are wired for this kind of thing.
Scott's bear was the cutest artwork I've ever seen. I actually picked it out and said it was so cute and the aide said she thought it was Scott's. I turned it over and, sure enough, it had his name on back.
Jonah playing nicely with Perry.
Jonah examining his Duplo trees and the class fish with a magnifying glass.
John's work had a prescreening for the Miles from Tomorrowland show. We took the kids and they loved it.
They showed a few episodes that had some fun nerd humor and John's company's 3d printer was featured in one. Then the creator spoke to us for a few minutes.
Then the astronaut who is the inspiration for the mom's character and consults for the show talked to us. She is also an air force surgeon.
This meme was going around after Hidden Figures came out. We recognize Dr. Cagle now (4th from the left).
Image result for share something in common astronauts meme black women
One of those moments that makes me feel simply grateful. My husband doing yardwork and playing with our kids. I was on my way out and stopped to take this picture to remind me of the feeling.
Mr. Handsome Pants
I just want to squeeze his little baby self.
Scott loves seeing pictures of himself. If he sees my phone out he'll come over and request a picture of his water bottle, or his silly face, or whatever comes to mind.
We had Charlotte over to play one day while her mom did a mermaid photo shoot. She still loves Baby Perry. Who weighs about the same as she does.
Working on their valentines. Scott wanted to make his own this year. Jonah's class is small, so we had enough leftover from Scott's last year and Jonah picked those. Thank goodness because it took long enough for Scott to make them, we never would have finished if Jonah was doing them.
I traced little pictures and Scott colored and cut them out, glued them on paper and taped a light saber glow stick.
He was so happy to see on of his own that came back to him. We aren't supposed to give out candy at school, but apparently that's not a followed rule.
John gave me Harry Potter valentines that I love. We didn't celebrate anything on the 14th, since we went out the weekend before on our big date. I did buy myself Reese's hearts half off later that week, though.
Perry found a discarded pacifier and enjoyed chewing on it.
His teeth seem to be on the move again because he's chomping everything in sight. We watched the new Series of Unfortunate Events series and Sunny reminded us of Perry the whole time.
 My cousin sent these matching Thomas shirts and Perry is big enough for his now.
 Scott helping Perry look at the camera.
 None of them looking, but all of them giving great, laughing smiles.
Little stinkers.

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  1. Love to see the shirts! My boys had another set of orange Thomas shirts that they wore more often so these were barely used. Enjoy the train stage because my boys were really into Thomas and then all of a sudden no one wanted to wear Thomas any more!