Sunday, March 20, 2016

Scott's Birthday Week

The only things Scott wanted for his birthday were airplane cookies and lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (we did both last year and he probably thinks it's tradition). On Wednesday night, I made sugar cookie dough and let it chill so Thursday morning we could make the cookies. 
 I frosted some for him to take to preschool, where they sang to him and gave him a crown.
He wrote his name for each treat.
Friday morning they slept in. I was excited for birthdaying, but they didn't get up until around 8:30.
I started singing to Scott and he ran back to his room to get his birthday crown.
We snuggled and read books with the birthday boy. Then he found Star Wars cereal waiting for him on the kitchen table.
After eating, we decorated another set of cookies for friends.
 We brought treats to park day. A few more kids showed up after this, but it was a small crowd.
Amanda came over and Scott opened a card from Wendy. I planned to let him open a present to play with while Jonah (and I) napped, but the card had music and a spinning propeller, which kept him entertained for a long time.
Showing Amanda how it works.
Amanda left for work and Scott played with some matchbox cars his friend Jack gave him.
My mom came over after work and I took them to see the new Panda movie. We had "chicken filas" for dinner per Scott's request. Finally John came home from work and Scott opened his gifts from us before bed.
I sewed some letters on superhero capes which help the boys fly around the house. A neighbor gave us an astronaut costume that I saved for Scott's birthday and he wore it to bed.
The next morning, they opened the rest of the presents. Scott let Jonah have a turn.
Jonah gave Scott the Planes 2 Duplo set.
My aunts sent the boys new books, puzzles, helmets, coloring sheets and watches.
We took the birthday boy to lunch on Saturday so John could celebrate, too. He wore his new cape, crown and watch. He mostly ate from the salad bar--not lettuce, but all the other toppings. Instead of soft serve, he had another airplane cookie for dessert.
On Sunday, Scott shared the rest of his cookies with his primary class. They read things about him and tried to get other kids to guess whose birthday it was. When they said February 26th, Scott turned and looked around. Then finally they said the birthday person was getting a new baby brother soon and he said, "I'm having a new baby brother!" and he went up for everyone to sing to him and got another crown.
He told me he already had a crown, but I said he could have two. He switches off which one he wears. It was a fun week with a very happy 4-year-old.

All About Scott (in his words)
Favorite foods: applesauce, strawberries, cheese, green beans, mac n cheese
Color: teal
Animal: piggy, shark, penguin, cat
Primary song: Nephi gets the plates
Things to do: color, read books, ride my bike, Duplos, play with friends
When I grow up I want to be: an astronaut and fly the space shuttle
I like primary because: we sing songs


  1. Scott, Your Great Uncle Warren is your birthday buddy. It will take you 72 years to catch up with him though! Happy Belated Birthday! Four is fantastic!

  2. Best birthday ever (so far)! I love Jonah's work with that heavy marble rolling pin.