Thursday, June 4, 2015


My hope for Easter weekend was to spend Saturday on commercial activities like egg dying and hunts, and focus on Christ and family all day Sunday. This year we had General Conference on Easter, so Karen picked between sessions for their meal and I invited my family over for dinner after conference.
We went to the community egg hunt on Saturday morning.
The kids got one egg. Luckily they didn't know any better and Jonah picked up a consolation egg from the dj booth.
I tried the dyed rice method of coloring eggs and it was a total waste.
So we moved onto rolling the egg on wet, dyed paper towel and it was much better.
The boys love knocking on Grandma and Grandpa's door.
Scott discovered his fingers were still colored and was very distressed about it.
While we waited for Katie and Ryan's family to arrive, I tried to take some pictures of the boys.
I don't know why I didn't have someone take one with me in it!
Not the most cooperative for pictures, but they were having fun being silly together.
Jonah smelling the flowers.
He played on the rocking horse
and Scott did a puzzle.
Then they came! Karen and Alan did an egg hunt in their yard.
Jonah checking out the tape on his egg.
"Foun it!"
Scott loves hide and seek, so egg hunting was especially fun for him.

Checking out his spoils.
The gunters.

We brought some hard boiled eggs and Paige did not want any. She passed them over to Scott's basket.
She was also not interested in smiling, but I love her crinkle nose.
Logan was having a teething kind of day.
Karen didn't realize "between sessions" was  11-1, so we had crepes and bacon instead of a traditional Easter dinner. It was delicious.
We finished a lot later than we'd planned, so we had to hurry home and finish getting our dinner ready.
John keeping the kids entertained during conference.
He says any activity where he gets to lie on the floor is a winner.
My mom teaching Scott how to play mahjong.
Jonah woke up from his nap extremely crabby. Amanda read to him to calm him down.
Then my mom played choo-choos with him.
Scott jumps on any opportunity to be read to. My family stayed and entertained the boys while we cleaned up from dinner, then we all crashed.
I don't think anything went as planned all weekend, but everything turned out great. The boys had fun, John and I had some spiritual upliftment, and we all spent quality time with each other and extended family.

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