Friday, August 8, 2014

Softball & Park Pictures

I went to a photography class and wanted to practice some of the things I learned. It's much easier to use natural light, so at one of John's softball games I brought the camera and noodled around.
 The park where he usually plays was unavailable, so we went to some nearby places to see if the fields were in use. The one above was my elementary school. It was busy, so we ended up at another school down the street.
 Jonah showing off his balancing skills.
 It's hard for me to set up in manual and get a shot before the conditions change (ie the kids move), but I know the only way I'll get faster is if I practice more.
 I just liked Scott's hair on this one.
 He climbed up the slide, rode it down, rinse and repeat.
 Scott also found an older boy to follow everywhere.
 And the game over in the corner. I wanted to take some shots of John playing, but it was too hard to keep the boys out of trouble.
If nothing else, it entertained me while at the park.

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  1. I've always wanted to take a photography class. The pictures look really good.