Sunday, August 3, 2014

July I

Amanda took Scott to his weekly movie and he crashed on the drive home.
Jonah climbs anything to get where he wants to go.
John and I took Scott to the Giants-Cardinals game (They didn't play the A's this year.) We walked around the back to go to the Coke slide and had a beautiful night view of the bay.
During the game, Scott was very focused. Luckily they won, because he took the game very seriously.
My mom watched Jonah back at home. He enjoyed using everything that Scott keeps from him--like his "Mater water."
Sometimes when Jonah climbs something, he gets stuck and screams until you help him down. Usually the slide (which we now keep off limits when we're not in the room) and the step-stool in the bathroom (so we keep that door closed now).
While Jonah napped one Saturday, John painted some more of the back of the house and I took Scott to run errands.
He stopped to drive the truck and trains for a few seconds each and pushed the stroller down the whole mall to Target on the other end.
We went to a 4th of July ceremony and pancake breakfast. These two buddies were so excited to see each other. Anna has been pretty homebound since her baby sister was born.
Another outing (probably the mall again--it's air conditioned and has a play area). Scott loves feeding the baby "Nonah treats." It's one of the few foods Scott doesn't mind sharing because he doesn't like them very much.
I brought a sleeping Jonah inside still in his carseat so he could keep napping. I made another trip to the car and came back to a giggling Jonah being rocked all the way back and forth by his big brother.
Lauren let us use one of her Gilroy Garden passes and we went one day with her, her coworker and sister-in-law.
Scott loved all the rides that involved driving, but once again chose the bench on the carousel. 
It was a really cool day for Gilroy (81*), which made for a much more pleasant trip. Plus, I love going places with other moms where the kids can play.
Jonah kept knocking Scott's tower over, so I told Scott to get Jonah another toy to distract him. Then they played happily next to each other long enough for me to marvel and text John a picture for proof.
Jonah has started eating almost everything we eat. He tried noodles for dinner and loved them so much he was clapping his hands and kicking his feet.
I can also hand him a pb&j and he takes care of the rest. He will occasionally shove too much in at once, but way less than Scott did (every bite). It's very convenient.
 Jonah frequently stops playing, climbs over, and smiles at me. I picked him up and snuggled and he tried wriggling away. I said, "You'll snuggle me and you'll like it!" Then Scott said, "No, Nonah. Snu-nle Mommy, Nonah."
Some days Scott is so well-behaved and it's so easy to take care of him. He stacked his blocks on a wooden cookie so they were more stable and when they fell, he cheered and rebuilt instead of crying about it.
He also very sweetly had the baby doll give me a kiss and put him to bed. Then he turned his neck around so his head was in the pillow and told me, "Shh! Baby rest."
I try to get pictures of those calm, happy moments so I can remember them and not the crazy, hyper, naughty times that seem to happen so much more often if I don't.

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