Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scott's 2nd Birthday Party

We invited some nursery friends and our parents and siblings to the park to celebrate Scott's birthday.
It was raining all day, but stopped right before the party started. The train and carousel were still closed, but John and Scott took towels to the playground slides and we were ready to play.
Jonah napped.
Adults stood around and chatted.
Kids played.
Amanda took a billion pictures of Scott.
Olivia followed Scott everywhere.

She loves "Scott's daddy" and gets sadder about leaving him than Scott.
I can't blame her. He's a fun guy.
Maya usually observes rather than playing at the park, so her favorite part was probably the cupcake.
My mom brought her class pet, Shelly the turtle.
Lots of kids came over to meet her.
Pushing the empty swing to each other. 
Holding the little ones. 
Amanda indulging Scott with a "sruck" ride.
John playing with Lucas and Lincoln.
Little Paige and Katie.
Scott blew out his candle when we had one at home on his birthday, but wouldn't do it at the park party. Eventually the wind took care of it for him.
If his wish was for chocolate frosting, then it came true immediately.
My mom brought various milk and juice boxes. Scott discovered his love for chocolate milk.
Lou only had baby snacks because she wasn't quite one yet.
It started sprinkling as we packed up to leave, so perfect weather timing. 
We went with our families to Blue Rock for lunch and Scott opened his presents.
We had a great day!

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