Monday, October 19, 2015

August I

Playing another made-up game. Surprisingly, they all enjoyed this one.
All tuckered out, he fell asleep coloring. Luckily it's a color wonder marker, so the carpet was safe.
Scott tried a tae-kwon-do place. He cried non-stop (as did Jonah because he was being left out) and they said we should try again in 6 months. He got to keep the cute little uniform for free, though!
Our neighbors gave us this alphabet snake puzzle and Jonah knows most of the letters now.
We helped my mom set up her classroom to start 1st grade in the fall. 
John put up curtains and I made a lattice background.
Even in a huge play room, the kids seem to pile on each other.
We leave the boys' bedroom door open so Jonah can go play in the morning, which sometimes buys us a little more sleep. Eventually he comes in saying, "I need some breakfast, guys."
Playing with his new Mickey Duplo. He doesn't share that one.
I helped at a funeral luncheon and the boys sat and played, ate and watched a show on the ipad. I didn't realize I was the only one with little kids who signed up, so I was grateful they behaved so well and people didn't know they were there.
Loving the body color markers. The black doesn't wash off as well as the lighter colors, for the record.
I went to a doctor's appointment and John watched the boys at work. I made it over his lunch so they just ate and watched Elmo in his break room. Now they ask me regularly when I'm going to the doctor again so they can go back.
I finally got to use my Christmas present--tickets to the Taylor Swift concert at Levi's stadium.
They used the light up wristbands, which are so fun.
It was my first time at the new stadium and we were 4 levels up in nosebleed seats--more like vertigo seats, because when I looked down I felt like I might tumble over.
Jonah started climbing in and out of his crib, which was the main reason we switched him to his own bed in Scott's room. 
They actually do really well in there together. I think Scott's been getting woken up earlier than he'd like, but he loves having his best friend with him every night.

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