Thursday, June 5, 2014

May I

Mowing the weeds and dirt.
Jonah likes to cook while Scott isn't around. I'm hoping they can start making real food soon.
They certainly like eating it. 
Smiley and happy
to quiver lip and sad
to screaming crying in less than a minute. These pictures were taken 55 seconds apart total.
Jonah is happier, though, now that he's mobile and has access to toys and trouble.
My mom bought Scott a name train. It is so cute I wanted to put it in his room for decoration, but he wants to play with it.
Ganging up on Amanda.
My mom babysat while we went to a lovely wedding. It was fun visiting with friends kid-free.
Scott loves his "oo see oda" tent. Took a while for me to figure that one out--you seek Yoda. He played with it all day on May the 4th then I collapsed it until the next time I'm feeling energetic.
Jonah has begun the mischief making.
His hair is longer on the sides and back and it flips out like little wings.
So, so sad. And tired.
Scott was helping me cook and helped himself to a bite of butter.
Playing with the train table at the baby store.
I started up park day in our ward/neighborhood. Scott loves the park, but I get bored in five minutes if I'm by myself, so these group park days are win-wins.
John gave me See's candy for Mother's Day. Scott brought it to me, watched me open it, then cried that I wouldn't give him any. I worked too hard for that candy to give it to someone who likes m&ms just as much.
Scott discovered piggy-back rides.
When I have them at the park alone, I like having them contained in the swings, but then Scott doesn't get his energy out. I put Jonah in, though, so he can't eat tanbark.
Took it up a notch--now he wants a piggy back ride while John shoots hoops.
He says almost when you miss and yay or hoohoo when you make it.

The Frozen characters were at the Santana Row Mommy & Me this month, so we went to meet them. It was the first time in probably his whole life that Scott asked to get in the stroller. A golf club booth gave him a ball cup that calmed him down after that fright.
After reading a Pooh Bear book, Scott found the Duplo Tigger and collected other Winnie the Pooh friends to play together. It still amazes me when little kids make connections like that.
He cried for me at night and I gave him the stuffed Tigger. Then he settled down and snuggled him. I was hoping Tigger would replace me at night now, but it was a one time deal.
After several days of sleeping with Tigger, Scott wanted nothing to do with it at night, probably because he associates it with sleeping now. He's too clever sometimes.

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